ehloh is the label in the making of Celine, engineer turned apprentice clothes-maker. A label born out of love of children, textiles and well-crafted products. A label that grows slowly, one piece at a time. In a nutshell, ehloh is about:

two-sidedness- The clothes we make are more than just a piece of clothing and no less than two. They have a double life and can be worn inside out or outside in, depending on the mood or season.

natural materials - we love materials that grow on animals or as plants and that are grown locally and sustainably.

color - We think a touch of color here and there makes the world a more joyful place to live in. And so we inject a dose of color in our creations whenever we can.

simplicity - our minimalist designs are pared down to their essence and made with thorough attention to detail.

timelessness - we aim to make clothes that inspire adults as much as the children that wear them. Clothes that remain a wardrobe favorite - even after they do not fit anymore. 

localities - we live and breathe the fresh air of San Francisco. This is also the place where we design and craft our vests. As for our knits, they are made by a trio of talented knitters in Mexico City.

post scriptum - ehloh is a twist on the most familiar greeting in the English language - hello! Only that it is pronounced in the characteristic French way - eh-loh.